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K & M Arbor Press

This KM Precision Shooting Press is used with hand Dies at your Home Loading Bench and at the Range. Doesn’t need to be clamped to the bench - the toggle Link/crankshaft design makes it an exceptionally smooth tool to "feel" is important when the work being done, which seating bullets. The Ram Rides in Oilite Bronze Bushings. Sized to fit in you loading box (base - 3 3/4" X 5", and Height - 11"). The height, from Ram to base, is adjustable from 2.9" to 6.2" with a .900" minimum stroke.
Note: To adjust head height, loosen (4) screws on back of column


 Item #  Description  Weight (Lbs)  Price ($)
 KMARB  Arbor Press  3.00  $105.00
 KMARBFM  Arbor Press with Force Mesurement Option  3.50  $160.00
 KMFMO  Force Mesurement Option for Arbor Press  0.50  $55.00
 KMDI001  Dial Indicator 0.001"  0.40  $22.00
 KMDB  Die Base (to be used wit Wilson type dies)  0.50  $11.00

K & M Primer Deluxe Seating Tools

If you want the ultimate in a hand priming tool - the KM Precision Shooting primer/gauge will fill the bill. Bench rest shooters seat the primer until they “feel” it touch the bottom of the primer pocket. This precision instrument employs a dial indicator ensuring that each primer is seated at the precise depth required. Precise primer seating without this precision instrument cannot be accomplished.

 Item#  Description  Weight (Lbs)  Price ($)
 KMPST  Primer Deluxe Seating Tool  1.00  $50.00
 KMPGST  Primer/Gauge Seating Tool  2.00  $116.00

K & M Mandrel (Case Neck Expander)

The KM Precision Expand iron is required for proper final neck expansion. Virgin competition brass isn’t quite ready to neck turn when you buy it and the commercial die manufacturers have no set standard for the Expander Button in their Die. Large variations from manufacturer to manufacturer and even within a given manufacturer makes it necessary to properly "size" the inside diameter before turning. Don’t be fooled by slick talk. The turning pilot cannot be used to correctly expand the neck because of the brass elasticity it will "spring" back and be too tight to properly turn the neck. The 7/8-14 adapter fits your normal press and the Expandirons are sized to be the perfect companion to the K & M Micro-adjustable Neck Turner. Smooths "out" and slightly expands the case neck so the brass will spring back to the correct size needed to neck turn your brass. Each Expandiron has an adjustment screw to bottom out in the brass before the case mouth could hit the mandrel shoulder.

 Item #  Descriptin  Weight (Lbs)  Price ($)
 KMEXWINRIS  Expand Mandrel Window Riser  0.30  $20.00
 KMMA  Manrel Adaper/Press Adapter (includes #8-32screw)  0.20  $9.50
 KMEX17  .17 Mandrel  0.20  $12.00
 KMEX19  .19 Mandrel  0.20  $12.00
 KMEX20  .204 Mandrel  0.20  $12.00
 KMEX22  .224 Mandrel  0.20  $12.00
 KMEX24  .243 Mandrel  0.20  $12.00
 KMEX25  .257 Mandrel  0.20  $12.00
 KMEX26  .264 Mandrel  0.20  $12.00
 KMEX27  .277 Mandrel  0.20  $12.00
 KMEX28  .284 Mandrel  0.20  $12.00
 KMEX30  .308 Mandrel  0.20  $12.00
 KMEX33  .338 Mandrel  0.20  $12.00

K & M Neck Turning Tool with Case Holder

Best adjustment resolution of all tools on the market. Outside neck turning is far superior to inside reaming as a reamer would tend to follow the off center hole. The K & M tool is simple to use, it can easily be adjusted to remove the desired amount of brass. Tolerance can be held to .0001” very easily – the adjustment is compound thread that is equal to 440 turns to the inch instead of the usual 40. Index marks are provided to assist its adjustment. K & M recommends the use of their expander mandrel before neck turning

 Item #  Desciption  Weight (Lbs)  Price ($)
 KMNTCSP  Neck Turner Complete w/ Steel Pilot & Case Holder. Specfy Pilot___ 
Lee Auto-Primer #2  Shellholder Included
 0.50  $78.00
 KMNTCCP  Neck Turner Complete w/ Carbide Pilot &Case Holder. Specify Pilot___
Lee Auto-Primer #2  Shellholder Included
 0.50  $105.00
 KMNTB  Neck Turner Body Only (No Case Holder, No Pilot)  0.20  $41.00
 KMCHPA  Case Holder/Power Adapter & #2 Shellhoder  0.20  $20.00
 KMNTCUTTER  Replacement Neck Turner Cutter  0.10  $12.00
 KMPJACK  Pilot Jack  0.10  $15.00
 KMDI0005  Dial Indicator 0.0005"  0.50  $45.00
 KMMANTEH  Ergo Holder for Micro-Adjastable Neck Turner  0.80  $35.00

K & M Carbide 4 Flute Neck Turning Pilots

K & M has specially designed a new carbide mandrel that has four flutes for removing the "dough-nut" that is located at the neck-shoulder junction of a case. Removing this extra material aids in a consistent high volume flow of powder gas. A small difference in the shape and diameter of the hole makes a huge difference in performance. This new carbide mandrel will also cut the extra material out of this area if you have changed the neck to a different caliber. This mandrel works while you neck turn, so you will not have to perform a separate operation.


 Part #  Description  Weight (Lbs)  Price ($)
 KMCP17  .17 Cabide Pilot  0.20   $40.00
 KMCP19  .19 Cabide Pilot   0.20   $40.00
 KMCP20  .205 Cabide Pilot  0.20   $40.00
 KMCP22  .224 Cabide Pilot  0.20   $40.00
 KMCP24  .243 Cabide Pilot  0.20   $40.00
 KMCP25  .257 Cabide Pilot  0.20   $40.00
 KMCP26  .264 Cabide Pilot  0.20   $40.00
 KMCP27  .277 Cabide Pilot  0.20   $40.00
 KMCP28  .284 Cabide Pilot  0.20   $40.00
 KMCP30  .308  Cabide Pilot  0.20   $40.00
 KMCP33  .338 Cabide Pilot  0.20   $40.00

K & M Steel Neck Turning Pilots

 Part #  Description  Weight (Lbs)  Price ($)
 KMSP17  .17 Steel Pilot  0.20   $12.00
 KMSP19  .19 Steel Pilot  0.20   $12.00 
 KMSP20  .204 Steel Pilot  0.20   $12.00
 KMSP22  .224 Steel Pilot  0.20   $12.00
 KMSP24  .243 Steel Pilot  0.20   $12.00
 KMSP25  .257 Steel Pilot  0.20   $12.00
 KMSP26  .264 Steel Pilot  0.20   $12.00
 KMSP27  .277 Steel Pilot  0.20   $12.00
 KMSP28  .284 Steel Pilot  0.20   $12.00
 KMSP30  .308  Steel Pilot  0.20   $12.00
 KMSP33  .338 Steel Pilot  0.20   $12.00

Primer Pocket Correction Tool

Flat bottom pocket for proper seating of primer. Tungsten carbide cutter for a lifetime of service. Hex shaped body – will not roll off bench. 1/4” hex drive – can be powered with cordless screwdriver or drill. Handle available for hand power Factory set to optimum depth.

 Part #  Description  Weight (Lbs)  Price ($)
 KMLRPCT  Large Rifle Pocket Correction Tool  0.50  $22.00
 KMSMPCT  Small Rifle/Small Pistol Pocket Correction Tool  0.50  $22.00
 KMLPPCT  Large Pistol Pocket Correction Tool  0.50  $22.00
 KMPCTHAN  Handle for PocketCorrection Tool  0.50  $5.75


 Flash Hole Uniformer Tools

Hand Loader! Are you looking for improved accuracy? Accuracy demands consistency and precision in every operation and component used in hand loading. The brass case is very important and sometimes important details are overlooked--such as the Primer Pocket and Flash Hole inside of the case.
In cartridge manufacturing, the flash hole is "punched" into the brass. While this is the least expensive method, it has many shortcomings and inconsistencies. The flash holes, therefore, are of different sizes and shapes. The most detrimental to accuracy are the irregular "breakouts" and "burrs" on the inside. This will cause "shot-to-shot" differences in Primer "Flame Fronts", causing inconsistent pressure/velocity and, thereby, loss of accuracy. Bench Rest
Shooters have been uniforming flash holes since 1969.

1. Reams / deburrs / chamfers
2. Provides case centering / alignment
3. Uniforms to pre-set, controlled depth (Independent of case length)
4. Screw-on, replaceable, cutter
5. Hex knob won't roll
6. One tool fits all standard rifle and pistol calibers
7. Made of steel and brass; no aluminum or plastic
8. Tool also available for P.P.C./ B.R. calibers please specify


 Part #  Descrition  Weight (Lbs)  Price ($)
 KMUPSTD080 Flash Hole Uniformer, Professioal - Standard 0.080"  0.50  $19.50
 KMUPPPC02 Flash Hole Uniformer, Professional -PPC 0.062"  0.50  $19.50
 KMUXSTD080 Flash Hole Uniformer, Replacement Cutter 0.080"  0.10  $9.50
 KMUXSTD062 Flash Hole Uniformer, Replacement Cutter 0.062"  0.10  $9.50

 Controlled Depth Tapered Reamer

K&M is proud to introduce an improvement to a long standing superb case mouth chamfering tool with a newly designed handle that provides improved depth stop fingers and a much needed set screw adjustment for precise cutter depth control. We still incorporate the same great cutter selection that uses a 4 degree taper per side that yields the finest case mouth chamfer for bullet seating for the competitive benchrest shooter and the demanding sportsman alike. The small tool uses a 3 flute cutter that chamfers cartridges from .17 caliber up to 6mm. The large tool uses a 6 flute cutter that chamfers cartridges from 6mm to .338 caliber. 
A great benefit to this new handle design is that it is backward compatible with your existing tapered reamer cutter. If you already own a tapered reamer with the old style handle, you can upgrade to the new handle design by purchasing the new handle assembly and simply move your cutter to the new handle. 

Part #  Descrition  Weight (Lbs)  Price ($)
 Controlled Depth Tapered Reamer, Large 6mm-.338  0.50  $39.95
 Controlled Depth Tapered Reamer, Small .17-6mm  0.50

We currently accept Visa, Mastercard & Paypal.  Please send me a list of products to get the estimate. Contact me at alex@abfirearms.com.